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Saturday, 13 June 2020

5 Lockdown Goals for Investments

In the hurly burly day to day existence one lives from one meal to the next, from one bus/ train journey to the next and has no time to look at the long term. Nature has given us an opportunity to be travel-less for some days. And there are so many prudent ways one can spend time.

Now that some time is there for everyone to stay at home here are some important finance goals to look at. Investing knowledge is even more essential if you are a beginner!

# Understand about Financial products | Investments | Finance

# Learn about Mutual Funds

# Know about SIPs

# Understand savings

Lockdown Goals

1. Save more  - The next two years are going to be tough. Dont let the booming and dipping stock market deceive you. Tough times are ahead. Save money.

2. Invest in SIPs - These are versatile investments that take care of the dispersions in the market. If you have not invested when the markets dipped, you can start off your investment journey now and SIPs are a good way to go about it. Check out this guide on SIPs of Mutual Funds

3. Alternate source of Income - That is essential in today's uncertain world. However the opportunities are plentiful these days. Teach something, grow mushrooms, give your home on rental, write a book, resell on amazon, etc. There seem to be so many alternate careers booming. You need to seriously think of taking advantage of one.

4. Analyze your portfolio - Now this is a hugely important step. Theres no time like a market dip or low sentiments to analyze your portfolio. This will enable you to realign your portfolio goals. Check out if your portfolio is sufficiently diversified. Does it cover the companies / investments that promise returns in the next decade. It should also not dissapoint you in the short term. Find out where you want to put your bets from your inherent knowledge of the industry. Is recycling the future or is it solar energy, do you bet on heavy metals, chemicals or on an online stalwart, do you bet green, gold or real estate. If you start looking at these questions, you will find the answers.  A judicious mix of stocks and mutual funds together with gold and real estate may be your solution. But its time to know where you have put your money.

5. Make Goals - Put your money into various baskets covering your goals. Some goals maybe short term and some long term. And even if you feel you dont have enough now, you can still start. Whatever you do, keep your expectations judicious. Don't expect the moon out of your investments. Expect returns that align with the historical returns of the fund. The reason for this warning is that many people in their hurry to achieve their goals get into schemes that promise much more than is possible. That is a sure recipe for disaster. Because as I keep saying, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

Hope you all have a happy and fruitful investment journey!

Friday, 12 June 2020

3 things to Look For in A Financial Investment

When one looks for an investment option, one has a few things in mind. The choices people go for when thinking of investments depends mostly on personal nature, like

  • risk averseness,
  • family background,
  • nature of individual , etc.

However, leaving these aside, there are some things investors need to know when they start to invest


How safe is the investment? Is it with any acclaimed group with previous history of assured returns? Is it in a Bank FD (most safe), is it with a Mutual Funds (relatively safe if one understands the risk factors). There are many fly by night operators offering schemes with hiuge returns. Be aware of those while investing. If a scheme seems too good to be true, it probably is based on falsehoods. it is always better to be safe than sorry while going for investments


Liquidity is ease with which you access your money. You need your investment to answer these questions. How soon can you access the money in case you need it. Bank accounts are the most easily accessed. FDs money gets transferred the same day if it is withing the banking hours. Similarly stock markets are very liquid. Your funds come in a day or two once you sell a stock. Mutual Funds too transfer your money in T+ 3 when you redeem (sell) your units. However if you have invested in a house, it may not be that easy to sell off to access your investment!


Diversity is very important for any kind of investment. Dont put your eggs in one basket is a maxim that should be adhered to always in investments. Last month's debacle in the Debt markets proves a point. While these are uncertain times and anything can happen, its prudent to mix up you investments, mutual funds, stocks and bonds, FDs, gold bonds, real estate, rentals together in some combination are the acceptable methods of investments.

When you start investing be sure to ensure the above to have a healthy investment portfolio

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package - 20 lakh Cr

PM Modi in his address to the Nation today stressed on self- reliance, the country's capability to rise from adversities, while announcing a 20 lakh crore package for "honest tax payers, middle cless, labourers, small business owners," etc.

This is by far the most significant financial announcement by the PM during the Corona crisis. Its expected that the details will be given over the next couple of days by the finance ministry.

#Restartingindia is the hashtag that is being used if you are looking for it.  Others trending are
#20lakhcrores, #ModibestPMever, #Onemorejumla. Take your pick!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

SBI PO | SBI Probationary Officers Recruitment 2016 Information

Hurry up and apply online for the SBI Probationary Officers (POs) Recruitment.

SBI PO recruitment doesnt happen everyday. If you are eligible, ie you are a graduate and fall withn the age limit, you must apply for these coveted posts.

Essential information about the SBI PO recuitment is

Last date to apply - 24th May 2016
Age Limit for General candidates - 30 years
Online Examination - 1st and 2nd week of July
Results of Prelims for SBI PO Exams - 18th July
Mains Exams for SBI P) 2016 - 31st July 2016
GD and Interview Dates - 1st September 2016
Declaration of Final Results - 30th September 2016

Check out the SBI website for detailed information and download the exams advertisement. Keep checking site periodically for updated news and information

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

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The secure page makes trading in ICICI Direct through the mobile phone very simple. The page redirects to a page where one can view and place one's trades in equity, derivatives, mutual funds or currency. One can modify allocation of the cash in one's account, check the portfolios also the mobile login.

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